Limited-time! $440,000 Challenge Grant multiplies the impact of your gift!

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YOUR GIFT: DOUBLED to EXPAND the Statesmen Academy & LAUNCH the School Board Academy

These academies directly impact your family:

  • State legislators author, co-sponsor, and vote on legislation that affects your family, your freedoms and your future.

  • School boards, which are becoming increasingly politicized, divisive and anti-parent, decide what your children will be taught and exposed to in school.

  • NEW FOR 2022: Family Policy Foundation is launching a brand-new training program for school board members, the "School Board Academy." This program will meet the urgent need to train the men and women who sit on school boards to push back on destructive, progressive curriculum that is being taught to our kids and grandkids.

Your Support is CRITICAL!


Your generous financial support, DOUBLED by the $440,000 Challenge Grant, will identify, recruit and train TWICE AS MANY Christ-following statesmen (men and women who have recently won legislative office or who are about to run) to transform our government and school boards from the inside.

Gifts to support the Statesmen Academy and School Board Academy are tax-deductible. Giving is quick, easy and secure. Simply complete the form below.

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