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$360 to Save One Child from Transgender Extremism

The Woke Left turned the rare struggle a person can have with embracing their biological sex into a political weapon. They fought local, state and federal battles to give MALES free and clear access to GIRLS’ locker rooms, sports, awards and scholarships.

They convinced the medical establishment, media elites, Democrat politicians, major corporations, and even school districts to carry water for them by encouraging children struggling to embrace their own bodies to halt their natural progression through puberty—and then undergo interventions that result in sterilization and mutilation.

To get parents to come along, they threatened them with their worst fears—“You can have a dead daughter or live son”—claiming their child’s suicide would be inevitable unless they permitted transition.

Major companies supporting these procedures neglect the importance of informed consent, evidence-based practices, and parental authority. By prioritizing profits and social trends over responsible decision-making, these companies risk exposing minors to lifelong consequences.

They’ve played a political game, but the full weight of consequence falls squarely on the shoulders of innocent children.

There’s Hope with Help Not Harm

Help Not Harm

We believe that children struggling to embrace their own biology deserve real help—not the harm of transgender extremism.

That’s why we brought together our own policy experts, outside legal advisers and allies in the medical world to draft Help Not Harm, a model policy that:

  • Prevents doctors from providing any transgender interventions to minors
  • Prevents taxpayer money from funding those procedures
  • Gives child victims the right to sue and recover damages for the harms done to them by medical professionals who were trusted to care for them

Will you help the 203,800 children who have been sold the lie that they were “born in the wrong body”?

Hair Grows Back

These children live in the 30 states where Help Not Harm is not yet law, and these happen to be the most difficult-to-reach states politically.

Every child struggling to accept their God-given body deserves access to real help, not the harm offered by the transgender political and medical agenda.  We believe that it shouldn’t be only children living in “red” states who receive help.

Children in the remaining states are being victimized by activists on the far Left, politicians (often on both sides of the aisle), the medical establishment, and in many cases, even by their own schools. To protect children in the most difficult states, we have to triple our efforts to advance Help Not Harm. For $360, you can be their source of hope and help—cutting through all the lies and politics.


  • 2017: Family Policy Alliance drafts the first Help Not Harm model policy
  • 2021: Arkansas passes the first version of a Help Not Harm law
  • 2021: Family Policy Alliance launches its Help Not Harm campaign to train state allies and lawmakers on how to advance the bill and WIN
  • 2023: A version of Help Not Harm is law in 20 states (and counting!) saving at least 96,000 struggling children (ages 13-17) from the harms of radical gender ideology

How did we go from 0 children protected to 96,000 in only 3 years?

On average the legislatures of the 50 states only pass 20% of the bills they introduce each cycle. So how did FPA see Help Not Harm passed in 17 states alone in 2023, making a total of 20 states with the law?

FPA activates our existing network of alliances, equips policymakers through our training programs and mobilizes men and women to take a stand when it matters most to leverage our impact. We have a team of men and women who are passionate and called to this work, and we have the infrastructure in place that allows us to be extremely efficient with our resources and distribution.

  • Alliances
    • 40 state family policy councils hosted by FPA representing family values in state capitols with:
      • 50,000 direct church connections
      • 325+ employees
    • Hosted the first annual Social Conservative Conference (SoConCon) with 265 of the nation’s top pro-family leaders from 116 state & national organizations to strategize and mobilize on these issues
  • Education/Training
    • Since 2016, 200 state lawmakers from 35 states trained & equipped
    • Since launching in December 2022, 90 school board members from 27 states trained & equipped
    • Held 6 trainings for U.S. House & Senate members and their staff on transgender extremism in the last year
  • Mobilization
    • Every election year, FPA holds candidate trainings to help candidates know how to talk about transgender extremism and win
    • FPA equipped concerned Americans to send 142,035 messages into federal and state offices, and the Biden Administration, on these gender issues alone in 2022-2023
    • FPA and the network of state family policy councils passed 200+ pro-family bills & defeated 350 anti-family bills last year

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