DOUBLE Your Gift to Train Elected Officials (to Protect Your Family's Values)!

THE STATESMEN ACADEMY® directly impacts your family's life today and for years to come:
Your financial support helps identify, train, and equip Christ-following state legislators to transform our government from the inside.

  • Alumni are already serving in 35 state capitols and in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Trained statesmen and women are working to save unborn babies' lives, protect kids from transgender hormones and surgeries, and advance your values.

Similarly, our newly launched SCHOOL BOARD ACADEMY impacts your children and your rights as a parent:
You can provide newly elected school board members with the training and support they need to stand strong as…

  • School boards are becoming increasingly politicized, divisive and anti-parent, deciding what your children will be taught and exposed to in school.
  • Parents' rights are increasingly at risk as powerful unions and the federal government force radical agendas on our kids, rather than focus on academic success.

Your Support Is CRITICAL!
DOUBLE Your Gift Today!

Your financial support helps identify, train, and equip Christ-following elected officials to transform our government and schools from the inside.

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